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Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe, Oliver Wakeman & Gordon Giltrap


Oliver Wakeman, Oliver Wakeman & Gordon Giltrap


Oliver Wakeman


Oliver Wakeman

Record Company

Elflock Rocords

Release Date

11th April 2022


Karl Groom


Karl Groom


Anne Sudworth, Liliana Sanches, Natalia Maroz, Zenad Nabil and Rodney Matthews


Opus Suite, Goodmerry Farm, Langley Studio and Thin Ice studios


The 3 Ages of Magick

Oliver Wakeman
Steve Howe
Tony Dixon
Jo Greenland
Tim Buchanan
Dave Wagstaffe

Ravens & Lullabies

Oliver Wakeman
Gordon Giltrap
Paul Manzi
Benoit David
Steve Amadeo
Johanne James

From a Stage

Oliver Wakeman
Gordon Giltrap
Paul Manzi

Piano, Keyboards and Hammond Organ
Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Steel guitar
Uilleann Pipes, Whistles & Flute
Fretted & Fretless Basses
Drums & Percussion

Piano, Keyboards & BV's. Guitar on 7
Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Vocals and Backing Vocals
Vocals on track 3
Bass Guitar
Drums and Percussion

Piano, Keyboards & BV's
Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Vocals and Backing Vocals

Track Listing

The 3 Ages of Magick

1. Ages Of Magick
2. Mind Over Matter
3. The Forgotten King
4. The Storyteller
5. The Whales Last Dance
6. Time Between Times
7. Flight Of The Condor
8. Lutey And The Mermaid
9. Standing Stones
10. The Enchanter
11. The Healer
12. Through The Eyes Of A Child
13. Hy Breasail
14. Hit 'n Myth
15. The Faerie Ring
16. Dream Weaver - (The Storyteller Demo)

Ravens & Lullabies

1. Moneyfacturing
2. Fiona's Smile
3. From the Turn of a Card
4. LJW
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. Wherever There Was Beauty
7. Is This the Last Song I Write?
8. A Mayfair Kiss
9. Anyone Can Fly
10. A Perfect Day
11. Credit Carnival
12. One For Billie
13. Ravens Will Fly Away
Bonus tracks
14. Praeludium (from the Well Tempered Clavier)
15. The Forgotten King
16. Roots

17. The Wedding Approaches (Instrumental version)

From a Stage

1. Nature's Way

2. Wherever There Was Beauty 

3. Elizabethan Pirates

4. Glimmer of Light

5. Isabella's Wedding

6. Maybe Tomorrow

7. If You're Leaving

8. Dodo's Dream

9. Picture of a Lady

10. Anyone Can Fly

11. Lutey and the Mermaid

12. Roots

13. Mother's Ruin

14. Ravens Will Fly Away

15. Heartsong

Available to Purchase?
22. Collaborations
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