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2018 News

25th August

Oliver performed a solo show today at Syde Manor as part of Rodney Matthews exhibition. The set included a few new tracks which will hopefully see the light of day in 2019 on a new instrumental album which is currently being planned.

The set list was

Heavens Isle

Progress of the Soul


Flower of England (new)

Mayfair Kiss


Forgotten King

Perfect Day

Lutey and the Mermaid

November Wedding (new)

Wondrous Stories

Lottie's Song (new)

19th August

Oliver met up with Rodney Matthews today to sign a limited edition Jabberwocky print for the auction for Deaf Awareness charity.

3rd July

Oliver appears on the latest Light Freedom Revival project record which is released today. Also appearing on the record is Billy Sherwood. Another YES member!

30th June

Oliver is appearing on @WEMFRadio this evening - they will be playing music from Oliver's career including music from the Ravens & Lullabies album.

12th June

Oliver is lucky enough to get inside the stones at Stonehenge. This photo can be seen in the photo album section of the website.

16th May

Regular visitors to the website may remember that regular email updates were sent to all who had signed up for the mailing list.


Due to the new GDPR regulations we require people to re-register for the new Newslist.


Please sign up using this link and the first one will be out in early June. …

14th May

Oliver was interviewed and filmed today by Heidi Hornbacher for the original YES guitarist Peter Banks feature documentary. Oliver reminisced about working with him on 'Jabberwocky' and 'Hound of the Baskervilles' and talking about his part in the YES legacy.

12th May

All the keyboard parts for Rodney Matthew's new album have now been completed. Release is due in early 2019.

14th April

Return Trip - a re-issue of the Fly from Here Yes album which featured Oliver on 3 tracks has been re-released with Benoit's vocals removed and sung by Trevor Horn instead. Oliver's parts have remained however.

13th April

Oliver featured on the front cover CD of PROG magazine on the John Holden track Capture Light. He is also mentioned numerous times in the Yes article.

30th March

Oliver has begun listing every album he has been involved in on his social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook.

3rd March

Oliver has been getting lots of comments and emails recently from people asking why he haven't released any new music recently. Oliver quotes "I have been working on a special project which is still in development but I will hopefully have news to share soon!"

31st January

Oliver performs keyboards on 3 tracks on John Holden's new album 'Capture Light'. The album features, amongst others, Billy Sherwood (Yes) and Joe Payne (The Enid). The album will be released in March.

27th January

Oliver is featured on Steve Howe's latest collection.


This album is a collection of his groups and collaborations. Oliver is featured as a member of Yes performing Hour of Need and also featured is Oliver's Forgotten King track originally from his 3 Ages of Magick album.

6th December

We are very sad to report the passing of Oliver's good friend Chris Tsangarides who died early today. Chris & Oliver worked on various sessions & the Strawbs Dancing to the Devils Beat record.


Recently they'd been working together on Oliver's new project.  

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2018 News

2017 News

24th December

Wishing you all a very merry Xmas. Here's looking forward to a great 2018 full of new music!

4th November

Oliver performs his solo piano show this evening in his old hometown of Bourton on the Water tonight.

20th October

Oliver appears on the new Light Freedom Revival single "Whitefield (Homeland Lifestar)" is released today.

2nd October

Seductive Sky by Carrie Martin featuring Oliver on Piano and orchestral arrangements is released.

1st October

Time Winds | Art & Music Exhibition


Back at Bourton-on-the-Water by popular demand, Matthews will host a three day exhibition, titled Time Winds. The autumn-meets-winter theme, encapsulated by the title image Time Winds itself, is guaranteed to get you in the mood for the festive season. On display and available for purchase will be originals, fine art prints and unique Christmas gifts.


Opening Times:
Friday 3rd November: 10.30am - 5pm
Saturday 4th November: 10:30am - 4pm
Sunday 5th November: 10:30am - 5pm





On the evening of Saturday 4th November 2017, a special ticketed event - 'An Evening of Art & Music with Rodney Matthews & Oliver Wakeman' - will take place within the venue.  A truly unique event, where not only will you have the opportunity to view the exhibition, but you will also hear a solo performance by award-winning keyboardist and composer Oliver Wakeman. For more information and tickets, please click here.

14th June

Oliver will be at attendance for the Charlie Chaplin Blue Plaque unveiling today. Oliver worked with Dexibell to provide the piano for the silent movie cinema show. This will be presented by Paul Merton.

31st January

Oliver's memories of John Wetton...


I felt that I had to write a few lines about the sad news I heard this morning about the passing of John Wetton, the voice of Asia.

I first got to know John Wetton's work when I bought a CD of the first Asia album as a lad in my early 20's and was instantly struck with his ability to conjure a melody out of no-where, and to be able to produce track after track of interesting and catchy vocal lines.

I bought many of his albums over the years and in my early 20's there were mumblings from a friend of mine that John was looking for a keyboard player and he'd put my name forward. Unfortunately, nothing came of that but I was proud to have been considered.

Going forward to 2008 and I received my first 'Keyboard player of the year' award from John at the Classic Rock Society awards night.

Skip forward another 11 years and on my 3rd tour with YES it was billed as YES with Special Guest Asia. We spent 4/5 weeks traveling together and I got to spend a lot of time with John and would often breakfast together and he was always a charming person to talk to. Very open about the challenges he had faced and how he worked hard to ensure his life was always moving in a positive direction. He was also very focussed and an utter professional. I enjoyed watching him perform almost every night of the tour.

I distinctly remember one trip we took on the tour as if it was yesterday. We were fortunate enough to have a lift on a private jet to one of our shows by a friend of the band and whilst on the flight John spent the whole time giving me advice about how to approach my career and how to develop as an artist.

I remember him explaining in so many words that, as I had now worked with YES for a period of time, I had should be proud of myself to have become a part of YES's history. He also explained about self-believe and how I shouldn't settle for music I didn't believe in. He was very encouraging and, of all my times on tour over the years, I hold those words of wisdom close to me. I still have a poster from that tour on my music room wall signed by him which now has now become a more cherished possession.

We met up again during my very last shows with YES in Mexico which were also with Asia. John again spent time with me during those few days which were a very difficult couple of shows (it had been announced that Geoff was replacing me and I was obligated to do the last shows of the tour). He was very understanding of the situation and was very upset about the handling of the whole thing.

The shows came and went and before I knew it I was on my way home and no longer working with YES. I arrived home not sure of what to do next and so started work on a large musical project and the Raven's and Lullabies album with Gordon Giltrap. (Remembering John's advice to only work with artists that you really wanted to to create quality music!)

This album was extremely well received and won a few album of the year awards as well as a songwriting nomination for the track 'Moneyfacturing' from PROG magazine in 2013.

John and I would keep in sporadic touch over the next few years as he continued with Asia and I toured with Gordon as a duo. However, when Gordon and I put a full band together for a tour in early 2014, I contacted John as we were to perform at a venue close to his home and asked if he's like to come along as our guest.

John replied and said he'd love to come and also asked if he could perform with us. I was so pleased to, after all these years of knowing John, to get a chance of performing with him. (During the YES/Asia tour in '09 there had been talk of both bands getting together to perform at the end of the night but it never happened unfortunately.)

John was true to his word and we met early afternoon to go through the Asia classic 'Heat of the Moment'. It was such great fun and I had a smile on my face the whole afternoon. The show came and John joined us at the end of the show to perform the song for the audience and I finally had a dream fulfilled. I also think I'm the only person to have performed with Gordon Giltrap and John Wetton at the same time!

All musicians are inspired by many different artists and I have various artists which have influenced me over the years. John was one such artist.

After listening to John's song writing I would always ensure that I would not just 'settle' for any old melody in the verse just to get to a catchy chorus. John always made the entire song melodic and I felt this made the listener want to understand to the entire story of the song rather than just a sing along chorus.

So I have religiously made my self go back and re-write countless verse melodies over the years to ensure that the listener is drawn into the story that the song is trying to tell. Even when people have said to me, "it's fine, leave it now", I've always struggled on, refining and refining, trying to ensure every melody line is working with the music in the best way it can.

So John, for your inspiration, encouragement and support during tough times I am eternally grateful.

Oliver Wakeman
January 31st 2017

30th January

Oliver's story of the Matthews in Graphite exhibition...

I had a great evening last weekend as the guest of Rodney Matthews at one of his exhibitions.

This particular one is called Matthews in Graphite and is a collection of his pencil sketches. If you have ever seen Rodney's books you will know that his work with a pencil is phenomenal and I think anyone would be just as proud to own one of his pencil sketches as one of his full colour originals.

It was a important day for me as we had some neighbours kindly agree to look after our kids and so for the first time in over 4 years my wife came with me to a music event. She did ask me earlier in the evening what the evening was to consist of...

I replied "Well it'll be like a chat show with Rodney and I being interviewed in front of an audience." To which she countered...

"What? I'm getting to go out and I have to listen to you talk and not play the piano... I get enough of that at home..."

Anyway, we arrived just in time to watch the first half of the interview in which Rodney explained his process for creating work from his pencil sketches and it was very interesting and I would've enjoyed just listening to more of that but Rodney wanted to do something different and so had asked me to come and talk in the second half about our work together on his new album and about my music history which involved Rodney.

After a short interval during which I got to catch up with a few people, I was up on the stage answering a collection of questions which covered my interactions with Rodney over the years, my Art and Design Diploma which featured my final year project on Rodney's work, his work on the Jabberwocky album sleeve and the work we've been doing on his new album. We also talked about my projects for the upcoming year, one of which I hope to announce soon.

We also talked about this being the 20th anniversary of my Heaven's Isle album and the performance of "Memories" I recorded on the 1st January this year and put on YouTube. Sarah, who was interviewing, then proceeded to play this YouTube video on the big screen for the audience which was very well received. (You can see the original video here.)

I then answered a few questions before we had to head home for the babysitters.

A very enjoyable evening was had by all and I'm grateful to Rodney and Sarah for inviting me.

Oh, after all that, my wife did get to see me play the piano, just not live..!

Oliver Wakeman
Jan 2017

8th January

Light Freedom Revival, new project from John Vehadija with Oliver Wakeman and Billy Sherwood Album due 2017

6th January

Oliver's review of 2016 is now available to read here...

5th January

Oliver will be appearing alongside Rodney Matthews in his next exhibition...

'An Evening with Rodney Matthews plus SPECIAL GUESTS':

PETER LEDEBOER, legendary founder of the Big O poster company, who published Matthews posters world-wide, in their millions, throughout the 1970s AND award winning keyboardist and composer OLIVER WAKEMAN, who has performed over 150 shows as a member of prog band Yes and is currently recording on Matthews album 'Trinity'.

28 January at 20:00 to 22:30 at the Royal George Hotel, Birdlip, Gloucestershire. GL4 8JH

Tickets are available for £10 at

4th January

Oliver will be demonstrating the new Dexibell Vivo Pianos on the 21st and 22nd Jan...

Oliver is proud to have been asked by the keyboard company Dexibell to be an endorsee of their new digital piano, the Vivo S7 stage piano.

It is a lovely instrument and Oliver will be performing 2 demonstrations on both the 21st and 22nd of January at the 2017 Kent Piano amd Keyboard Expo at the Holiday Inn in Bexely.

We look forward to seeing some of you there to see this piano in action.

1st January

New video added to Oliver's YouTube Channel...


20 years ago, on New Years Day, I performed and recorded the last track 'Memories' for my upcoming debut solo album, 'Heaven's Isle'.


I decided that as tribute to Heaven's Isle being 20 years old this year that I would re-record it and post the video on YouTube. You can see the original video here

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2017 News

2016 News


24th December

Just want to wish everyone a very merry Xmas - have a great holiday. Lots of exciting musical stuff coming together for 2017!

12th November

Oliver is in Scotland performing for Rodney Matthews (the world famous fantasy illustrator) and his new bride Sarah at their wedding and evening reception with a solo piano performance.

4th October

What If? By Carrie Martin featuring Oliver on Paino and Orchestral arrangements has been re-released.

22nd September

Oliver and his good friend Chris Tsangerides meeting up to discuss Oliver's latest musical endeavour!

1st September

Oliver featured on Queen/English Heritage Video...


Oliver was proud to have been asked by the Charity English Heritage to perform a piano version of the Queen song 'We Are the Champions' for their video showing how the Blue Plaque for Freddy Mercury was made.


The comments that have been made about Oliver's performance have been extremely kind.


You can see the original video here on Queen's YouTube Channel.


Oliver was also invited to the unveiling which was also attended by Brian May.

19th June

Oliver joins his father Rick on stage at the O2 for the first live performance of the re-recorded King Arthur Album. More details of the days antics can be found on Oliver's Twitter Feed...

18th June

Oliver performing at the O2 tomorrow... Press release


Rick Wakeman King Arthur live performance


Rick is delighted to confirm that he will be performing the entire work "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table" at this year's Stone Free Festival at the O2 on Sunday 19th June 2016 at London's O2.


Rick says, "Following the success of Journey to the Centre of the Earth in 2014, the date of June 19th 2016 has now been set in stone to perform The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, with full orchestra and choir for the first time since 1975, at the 02.

There will be a two day indoor festival with Alice Cooper headlining the 18th. All in all, this will be a great event and to play King Arthur again as it was recorded, will be another ?tick? off of my list, although we will be adapting some of the music with extended solos and a few other tweaks and also with a ninety minute set, there will also be other musical surprises."

Oliver will be performing second keyboards for the show.

15th June

Rehearsals are underway in London for the run through of the show with the orchestra and choirs.

13th June

Rehearsals are underway in Norfolk for the King Arthur show at the O2.

12th June

Oliver was present at the playback party for father Rick's King Arthur re-recording re-release.

13th April

Oliver performs a keyboard solo on Brenda Layne & Tommy Osuna's Ordinary Magic CD (Psychedelic Space). It is now available here.

27th February

Oliver has been invited to play as part of Rick Wakeman's band to perform the Rerecorded version of King Arthur at the O2 in June.

This from Rick's Twitter feed...

"King Arthur prep & music coming on a treat . Just added son Oliver to the band to do the additional keys at the O2 as I only have 2 hands!" 

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2016 News
2015 News

2015 News

7th & 8th December

Oliver will be performing this evening with his father, Rick and sister Jemma at the Granary in norfolk..

9th November

One of the tracks Oliver has worked on for Rodney Matthews is available as a Xmas card & CD from 

1st November

Oliver's good friend Martin Hudson has written a great book on the Classic Rock Society All profits for Rotherham Hospice …

Oliver gets a few nice mentions and photos too!

12th July

Albums page update with Session work...

It's been a while since the site had an update and so we have just updated the albums page to show the last 3 albums Oliver appeared on. 

For quick reference the three albums were:- Carrie Martin - What If?, BBC's Songs from the Great War and Hypatia by Telergy.

26th June

Very sad news to report.


Chris Squire, Oliver's bandmate when in Yes has passed away. There is a tribute to Chris in the stories section above.

12th May

The new Telergy album featuring Oliver on is available from … - All profits will be donated to Cross Roads House Homeless Shelter.

25th January

Heaven on Lundy DVD featuring selections from Oliver's Heaven's Isle album released

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2014 News

2014 News

27th December

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year and Merry Xmas to all the visitors to the site over the last year. We apologise for the lack of updates throughout the year. Oliver has been busy on Twitter keeping you updated where he can.

There has been a lot of work and planning going on behind the scenes which accounts for the lack of visible activity - however 2015 is shaping up to be very special and so please bear with us and hopefully we'll have more news to report very soon!.

17th March

New Oliver Wakeman interview...

A new interview that the Get Ready To Rock website carried out with Oliver is now available to read on the Interviews page.

12th February

Ravens & Lullabies tour posters & flyers to download...

There are now downloadable versions of the 2014 Ravens & Lullabies tour poster under the media section of the site. (update - no longer available)

If you would like to help promote the tour please feel free to print and place them in suitable (and legal) places.

Thank you in advance if you do choose to help!

6th February

Ravens & Lullabies full band tour dates...

The full Ravens & Lullabies Band how now been finalised and the dates are as follows.

Full ticketing information is available in the concerts section below the news or you can also find all the details on the concerts page accessed by the 'Concerts' tab above.

Thursday, April 3:
St John's Church, St. John's Street, Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3EH

Friday, April 4:
The Cellar, 78 West Marlands Road, Southampton SO14 7FW.

Saturday, April 5:
Classic Rock Society, Montgomery Hall, Wath Upon Dearne, Rotherham, UK

Sunday, April 6:
The Robin 2 Venue, Mount Pleasant, Bilston

Thursday, April 24:
The Bedford. 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD

Friday, April 25:
Tithe Barn, Cheltenham Road, Bishop's Cleeve GL52 8LU

Saturday, April 26:
Mr Kyps. 8a Parr Street, Parkstone, Poole, BH14 0JY

Sunday, April 27:
The Vic. 88 Victoria Rd, Swindon, SN1 3BD

25th January

Ravens made 'Album of the Year' in Rock 'n Reel magazine...

Quote form Trevor Raggatt of Rock 'n Reel magazine

"Ravens & Lullabies saw Gordon Giltrap dip his toe back into the world of prog in the company of Oliver Wakeman. Chock-full of virtuoso musicianship and great tunes, it was my personal 'album of the year'.

High praise indeed, thanks to Rock 'n Reel magazine and Trevor.

7th January

New full band tour dates added...

Following the success of the full band show at the Summer's End festival last year, a small tour of 7 - 8 dates is being planned for April.

Here are the dates so far...

Thursday 3rd April - St. John's Church, St. John's Street, Farncombe. GU7 3EH

Booking info
Tel: 01483 421520 for tickets and information

Saturday 5th April - Montgomery Hall, Wath, Rotherham, UK.

Booking info

Sunday 6th April - The Robin, Bilston, UK

Booking info
Online: or

Friday 25th April - The Tithe Barn, Bishops Cleeve.

Booking info
Tel: Ticket Sales : 0844 576 2210 - Concert Info: 07816 662285

Sunday 27th April - The Vic, 88 Victoria Road, Swindon. SN1 3BD

Booking info
Tel: 01793 535713
Online: or

More to follow soon...

6th January

The 3 Ages of Magick on US Radio...

It was great to hear Roman's World radio show play "Hit 'n Myth" & "The Storyteller" from the remastered version of "The 3 Ages of Magick".

If you missed it you can listen by visiting the Roman's World website.

5th January

Ravens & Lullabies wins best album radio station poll...

We are delighted to announce that Ravens & Lullabies won the Paperlate Radio album of the year listeners poll!

Thanks to all who voted for us.

1st January

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to all our visitors!

Thanks for your support - here's to an exciting 2014!

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2013 News

5th November

New tour story added...

Oliver's Summer's End and Ravens tour story has been added to the website along with Gordon Giltrap, Nick Kendall & Steve Anderson's thoughts from the Summer's End Festival.

You can find it by clicking on the 'Stories' drop down menu above and selecting 'Summer's End Festival & Ravens & Lullabies tour Autumn '13

2nd November

Recent radio interviews available to listen to...

Oliver has been featured on various radio shows recently to promote the current Ravens & Lullabies tour. Please click on the highlighted radio show name to listen.

You can hear last weeks interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire where Oliver appeared on the Nicola Gilroy afternoon show. Oliver's interview can be heard starting at 1 hour and 10 minutes into the show.

Oliver also appeared on the Gonzo Web Radio show.

23rd October

Ravens & Lullabies one off trio show announced...

Details from the CRS website

Gordon Giltrap, Oliver Wakeman & Paul Manzi 
This unique gig will feature Gordon and Oliver such a hit last year as a duo with singer Paul Manzi, playing songs from the Ravens and Lullabies album and also songs from both their careers. This should be another great night and very much a one off!

Artist: Gordon Giltrap, Oliver Wakeman & Paul Manzi
Date: Saturday 7th December 2013
Doors: 7pm
Venue: The Wesley Centre, Maltby, Rotherham, UK
On the door price: £17.50

£15 in advance (£12 to members)
Order tickets direct from the CRS website

14th October

Ravens & Lullabies band footage...

If you were unable to get to the Summer's End festival to see the full live version of the Ravens & Lullabies album then you missed a great show!

However you can now visit Oliver's YouTube Channel to watch a half hour edit of some of the show which is in the Oliver Wakeman & Gordon Giltrap playlist.

14th October

New photo album added...

There is now a new photo album, Number 5 added to the site which has photos from the Summer's End festival and the October tour. More photos will continued to be added.

13th October

Whole radio show dedicated to Ravens & Lullabies...

Roman's World radio show and podcast is now available to download and this weeks episode is devoted to an interview with Oliver and songs from the Ravens & Lullabies album..

If you would like to help promote the tour please feel free to print and place them in suitable (and legal) places.

Thank you in advance if you do choose to help!

7th October

New interviews and 'Ravens & Lullabies' album reviews...

A new interview with Oliver has been added to the Interview section of the site and the Ravens & Lullabies album review page has also been updated with a new review.

4th September

The 3 Ages of Magick is now available to pre order...

The 3 Ages of Magick (Expanded and Remastered edition) - Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe is now available to Pre order direct from Cherry Red Records.

The album was originally released 7 years before Oliver joined YES and has been out of print since 2007. This new version includes 3 bonus tracks and an expanded booklet.

The first 1000 will also be in a signed slipcase.

21st August

Oliver to appear on Bob Harris Sunday show...

A while ago we announced that Oliver, along with Paul Manzi and Gordon Giltrap, had been invited to perform a live session for the Bob Harris Sunday Show on BBC Radio 2.

The guys recorded the session a couple of months ago and it will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Sunday the 1st of September at 12.00am.

So either Set your alarm clocks and get up nice and early on Sunday morning or just don't go to bed on Saturday...

Alternatively just catch it on the BBC iPlayer at a later date!

7th August

The 3 Ages of Magick re-release...

We are really pleased to announce that Oliver's 'The 3 Ages of Magick' album, featuring YES guitarist Steve Howe, is due for re-release on the Esoteric Recordings label on the 30th September 2013.

This album was originally released in 2001 and hasn't been available on general release since 2007, a year before Oliver started working with Steve in YES.

Following the critical sucess of the Ravens and Lullabies album with Gordon Giltrap, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to hear Oliver's work with another classic guitarist 12 years earlier!

This expanded and remastered release features 3 bonus tracks, 'Hit 'n Myth', 'The Faerie Ring' and a demo version of 'The Storyteller' titled 'Dream Weaver'. The album sleeve features a background story on the making of the album as well as unseen photos from Oliver's personal archives.

Pre-order details will be available soon.

19th July

Tour posters & flyers available to download...

There are new tour posters and flyers to download from the 'Press Media' section of the website (also accessible under the 'Information' tab in the menu above).

If you would like to help promote the tour please feel free to print and place them in suitable (and legal) places.

Thank you in advance if you do choose to help!

19th July

Giltrap and Wakeman Autumn Tour Press release...

Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman on the 'Ravens & Lullabies' Autumn tour 2013

October 2013 will see guitar legend Gordon Giltrap and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman performing together for the third leg of their "Ravens & Lullabies" tour. The shows will follow the familiar, well received, duo format of the previous tours.

However there will also be a one-off full band concert as headline artists for the "Summer's End festival" on the 5th October. The band will feature, alongside Oliver and Gordon, Johanne James and Steve Anderson (rhythm section from the rock band 'Threshold') as well as Paul Manzi (Arena & Oliver Wakeman band) handling the vocal duties. This show will feature the '2013 Progressive Music Award' nominated song 'Moneyfacturing' in the set.

Oliver and Gordon will also be performing as a duo on selected dates as special guests of Jon Lees' Barclay James Harvest during November.

In 2012, Gordon contacted Oliver with a request for his keyboards services for an album idea he had. Within 24 hours the initial idea had changed beyond recognition and a full blown collaborative project was in the works. Oliver and Gordon embarked upon this new chapter in their careers and released the critical acclaimed 'Ravens & Lullabies' album on the Esoteric Antenna label earlier this year. The album, a 13 song collection of hard hitting memorable rock pieces coupled with acoustic duets, will be well represented on the upcoming tour. The show also features new arrangements of classic material from both their retrospective careers.

One of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in the UK today, Gordon Giltrap has developed his own unique style, much copied, but never bettered. It is impossible not to be awestruck as he coaxes incredible melodies from his instruments; you almost suspect a second pair of hands. He is well known for his varied musical output and 'Heartsong' (a hit single from the album 'Perilous Journey' in 1977) is instantly recognized as the theme for the BBC TV's long running 'Holiday' programme.

Following ten solo albums in a variety of styles, Oliver Wakeman joined the legendary band 'YES' in 2008, touring with them up until mid-2011. A live CD and triple vinyl release, 'In The Present - Live from Lyon', was a fitting bookend to his period in the band. He also worked with the folk rock band 'The Strawbs' and appeared on their last studio album as well as their 40th Anniversary CD release. Appearing in venues across North and South America, Europe and the UK with YES, Strawbs and as a solo artist, he has become a well respected live performing musician to add to his other talents as composer, songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer.

Gordon says "When I embarked on this collaboration with Oliver,I had no idea he was such a fine writer of songs. I imagined that whatever we did together would be instrumental in nature, but when I played him one of my pieces he said that it would make a good song!

The next thing I knew the songs were coming thick and fast, and what I thought were pieces that wouldn't really fit into what we were doing, in fact were turned into finely crafted songs that actually meant something and was saying something in a very deep and valid way. In all my years in the business I have never ever been involved in a project of this nature. This album continues to surprise me as does Mr Wakeman."

Oliver adds, "We have had quite a year so far with the exceptional response to the new album. This tour gives us a perfect opportunity to perform some of the new pieces to existing fans and hopefully gain some new ones too!"

The tour starts on the 3rd of October in Tunbridge Wells and closes in Tavistock on the 23rd of November.

So, with their collective histories and talents to draw inspiration from, be prepared for an evening of beautiful compositions, wit and charm from these two virtuosos.

18th July

Summer's End Bass player announced...

We are delighted to inform you that the bass player for the forthcoming Summer's End festival headlining show will be Steve Anderson.

Many people will be familiar with Steve's current role as bass player for 'Threshold'. This means that Gordon and I will have Threshold's rhythm section for our show as we already have Johanne James drumming!

The band will also feature Paul Manzi (Oliver Wakeman Band & Arena) on vocals.

15th July

Oliver's interview on ARfm radio show available to listen to...

On Sunday Oliver was the guest on Paul Baker's Soundscapes show which was broadcast on ARfm.

In between playing 'Moneyfacturing', 'Fiona's Smile', 'A Perfect Day' and 'Credit Carnival', Oliver was interviewed by Paul live on air about the 'Ravens & Lullabies' album. They also chatted about some interesting bits of information regarding previous album releases and bands Oliver has worked with.

If you missed the show but would like to hear what was said you can listen again by visiting ('Moneyfacturing' starts at 25 minutes and 50 seconds and Oliver's interview begins at 33 minutes).

11th July

New website goes live...

As you may have noticed the website has been give a complete graphical overhaul. The menu structure, content and pages remain as before.

The Interviews, Ravens & Lullabies Reviews and Biography sections have all been updated with new information. A new Photo Album, number 4, has also been added.

The Concerts information can now be accessed by the menu item above as well as being available by clicking the text in the 'Upcoming Concerts' section below.

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The song 'Moneyfacturing' from the 'Ravens & Lullabies' album has been nominated in the 'Anthem' category of the Progressive Music Awards 2013 and you can vote for this track by clicking this link if you wanted to register your support.

10th July

July Update, Ravens & Lullabies Award Nomination, Radio 2, Wakeman with Wakeman with Wakeman and Wakeman concert...

Well it's been a busy couple of months.

Firstly there was a two day rehearsal with my Dad, brother Adam and sister Jemma at Blackfriars in Gloucestershire for the Wakeman with Wakeman with Wakeman and Wakeman shows.

These rehearsals were closely followed by 2 shows on the Saturday evening one after the other! It was pretty exhausting but really good fun and the two sold out shows were really well received. It was a beautiful setting and we gave Dad a hard time with the stories we told too...

I will be putting some photos up on the photo album portion of the website soon. The evening consisted of music from all of our careers, for the record I played 'LJW' & 'A Mayfair Kiss' from Ravens & Lullabies and an 8 keyboard version of 'Elizabethan Pirates' from the 'Heaven's Isle' album.

Another rehearsal followed on Sunday, this time with Paul Manzi and Gordon Giltrap in preparation for Radio 2...

Gordon and I, together with Paul Manzi had been invited to record a live session and interview for Bob Harris on Radio 2 and so off to London we went! It was an amazing experience, one which I will remember for a long time. We performed 'LJW', 'Fiona's Smile' and then an acoustic version of 'Ravens Will Fly Away' with Paul Manzi singing.

The album continues to sell well and is still receiving rave reviews which is very rewarding.


Gordon Giltrap & I are also delighted to announce that our track 'Moneyfacturing' from the 'Ravens and Lullabies' album has been nominated in the 'Anthem' category of the Progressive Music Awards 2013

Prog Magazine has scoured the activity in the progressive genre for the past twelve months and come up with what they feel is a perfect representation of the best artists and releases of the last year. Winners will be announced at Kew Gardens on September 3, and the results are decided by a public vote. so if you feel inclined and would like to see us receive the award please vote using the below link


Gordon and I will be heading out for another tour of the UK towards the end of the year in 3 different formats. We will be taking our 2 man duo show around to some new venues as well as a few places we've been invited back to. We are also performing a full band show as headliners of this years Summer's End Festival in Gloucestershire. In November we will also be touring our duo show as special guests of Barclay James Harvest which is something we are both really looking forward to. The current dates can been seen in the section below or by clicking the 'Scheduled Concerts tab in the menu...

Thanks as always for your support.

All the best.


9th July

New in-depth interview with Oliver...

Olivers in-depth interview with Dmitry M. Epstein's for the 'Let It Rock' website is now available to read.

The interview has been reprinted in the interviews section.

26th March

Oliver to perform with Rick, Adam and Jemma Wakeman...

Rick has put together a series of 3 special concerts in Gloucester in June.

Oliver will be joining his dad, his brother Adam and his sister Jemma for a very special performance on the 15th June. For more details please see the full details here.

19th March

Ravens & Lullabies review page added to the site...

Reviews have now been added to the new Ravens & Lullabies review page which can be accessed by the reviews link above or here.

12th March

March Update, Ravens & Lullabies, Peter Banks and PROG magazine...

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote an update about what has been going on in my music world and reading about the passing of Peter Banks this morning has prompted me to sit down at the computer keyboard.

Peter Banks

I thought that I would start with a few thoughts about Peter. For those of you who aren't aware of Peter and his work, Peter was the original guitarist with Yes back in the late 60's and worked on their first two albums. I enjoyed performing Astral Traveller when I was in Yes and it was great fun to play on a track that was linked to this early incarnation of the band.

However, Peter and I did work together on a couple of my albums back in 1999 and 2001. My first rock record 'Jabberwocky' (a collaboration with Clive Nolan) featured Peter heavily as the main lead guitarist and he came up with some amazing parts.

He worked in a slightly unusual way in so much that he was a great improviser and never played the same part twice - he'd give you lots of great solos in their entirety to chose parts from. He also had a wonderfully jazzy style which was best represented on the Jabberwocky album with his great solo in Coming to Town. I'd originally written the jazzy chords with the idea of having a sax solo (in fact the original demos have me doing a sax solo on a keyboard) but when Peter put his jazz solo down, all thoughts of a sax solo were soon forgotten.

The record came out whilst I was working on my next album 'The 3 Ages of Magick' which featured Steve Howe. I played Steve some of the album and he was genuinely impressed with the guitar work he heard - 'Is that really Peter..?' I remember hearing him say in his studio in Devon during one of our arrangement sessions.

Peter & I got together again for the followup to Jabberwocky, 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and again Peter came up with some great - completely unique - guitar lines. His solo on my track 'By Your Side' is particularly gorgeous and completely unexpected in construction and approach.

Peter and I kept in touch for a while afterwards but as is often the way, paths take different directions and I hadn't been in contact for a few years. But I am proud to have met Peter and I'm even more proud that I have some of his performances on 2 of my albums. RIP Peter Banks, thanks for the music.

Ravens & Lullabies

March saw the release of my latest project 'Ravens & Lullabies' which is a collaboration with another unique guitarist - the wonderful Gordon Giltrap. The first few reviews and reactions have come in and I can only say thanks for the wonderful things people have been writing abut the album. We really seem to have hit on an approach that people seem to relate and warm to. I really hope the album has the opportunity to reach as many people as possible as I am really proud of the project and people need to hear Gordon on an electric guitar again.

We have been overwhelmed with the speed at which the initial pressing of the limited edition sold out - they had all gone before the album was actually released which involved a quick repressing to meet demand. A very encouraging start indeed!

If you are unsure about the style of the album, you could always buy this months 'PROG' magazine which features one of the tracks ('Moneyfacturing') on its cover-mount CD as well as a great 3 page article in the magazine.

We are currently touring the UK in support of the album, having performed twice so far with another 11 dates due over the next couple of months. We will be following up with a longer run of dates later in the year as well as performing a shorter set as special guests of Barclay James Harvest later in November. If you get a chance, please do come and see the live show, we have a great time of stage playing pieces from the new album and from Gordon and my past musical endeavours and people are often complimenting us on the on stage interplay which is very rewarding.

Following the tour we have been invited to appear as gusts on Bob Harris's show on Radio 2 for a live session and interview. This will be recorded in June for transmission in July which is something I am really looking forward to.

I will also be this weeks guest on the Dutch radio station Paperlate where they will be playing tracks from the new album and interviewing me. The show is to be broadcast on Sunday evening and all details can be found at


Some of you may remember that I recently played on my friend Paul Bond's song Blue to help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital who were instrumental is saving his son's life from cancer. Paul wrote to me recently to let me know that the download song raised over £1000, so if you were one of the many who downloaded it then thank you very much indeed for contributing to this worthy cause.

On a final note, I would just like to thank all the people who have written such nice things about the album on the web. It is very much appreciated and hopefully it will help spread the word!

All the best to you all, and I hope to see some of you at the upcoming shows.

Oliver - March 2013

11th March

Oliver & Gordon appear in PROG magazine...

This months PROG magazine features a 3 page article on Oliver & Gordon's Ravens & Lullabies album as well as having the track 'Moneyfacturing' on the front cover mount CD

Available from all good newsagents now!

5th March

3 new Ravens & Lullabies 2013 tour dates added...

Three dates in the Channel Islands have been added to the 2013 tour. These are:

16th April - St James Concert Hall, Guernsey
Purchase tickets or call 01481 711361

17th April - The Island Hall, Sark
Purchase tickets via email

18th April - St Annes Church, Alderney
Purchase tickets

11th FebRavens & Lullabies 2013 tour dates...

The dates for the second leg of the 'Ravens & Lullabies' tour have now been announced. We hope to see you at a show or two.

28th February
Cramphorn Theatre. Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex
Purchase tickets

9th March
Theatre Royal. Addington Street , Margate, Kent
Purchase tickets

15th March
Farncombe Music Club. St.John's Church, St.John's Street, Farncombe
Purchase tickets

22nd March
Hunter Hall School Frenchfield, Penrith, Cumbria
Purchase tickets

23rd March
Hunter Hall School Frenchfield, Penrith, Cumbria
Purchase tickets

13th April
St. Michael's Church. St. Michael's Church, Bishops Itchington, West Midlands
Tickets - available from Rev Martin Green (01926 613466) or by email (

16th April
St James Concert Hall, Guernsey
Purchase tickets or call 01481 711361

17th April
The Island Hall, Sark
Purchase tickets via email

18th April
St Annes Church, Alderney
Purchase tickets

19th April
Jersey Arts Centre. Phillips Street, St Helier, Jersey
Purchase tickets

26th April
St Mary's Church Church Lane, Lowdham, Nottingham
Purchase tickets

27th April
The Plough Arts centre. 9-11 Fore Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Purchase tickets - details to follow

25th May
The Joseph Whitworth Centre. Station Road, Darley Dale, Derbyshire
Purchase tickets

November 2013
Special Guests of John Lee's Barclay James Harvest

7th November - Bath Komedia

8th November - London Islington Assembly

9th November - Milton Keynes Stables

10th November - Bilston, The Robin

16th November - Holmfirth Picturedrome

21st November - Oxford - venue details to follow

22nd November - Southampton, The Brook

23rd November - Tavistock Wharf

Ticketing details to follow - see the BJH Website for further details

15th January

Ravens & Lullabies available to pre-order...

It's here! 'Ravens & Lullabies' is now available to pre-order.

If you want to be one of the first people to receive the album then order it now direct from the Cherry Red website.

Buy direct and help the record label and Oliver & Gordon! You'll also get it quickly!

15th January

Ravens & Lullabies cover and song list unveiled...

'Ravens and Lullabies' - Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman


There will be two different releases of the album. A standard single CD with the following 13 tracks

1. Moneyfacturing
2. Fiona's Smile
3. From the Turn of a Card
4. LJW
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. Wherever There Was Beauty
7. Is This the Last Song I Write?
8. A Mayfair Kiss
9. Anyone Can Fly
10. A Perfect Day
11. Credit Carnival
12. One For Billie
13. Ravens Will Fly Away

The 2CD limited edition will have a second CD featuring the following tracks

Live recordings taken from the 2012 tour:
1. Nature's Way
2. Isabella's Wedding
3. Progress of the Soul
4. On Camber Sands
5. Lutey and the Mermaid

New studio recordings:
6. Praeludium (from the Well Tempered Clavier)
7. The Forgotten King
8. Roots

Details about pre-ordering will follow soon - we promise!

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17th December

Oliver appears on Great Ormond Street Charity Single...

'Blue' Charity single by Paul Bond available for download

Oliver, along with bass player Nick Beggs (Steve Hackett band, Porcupine Tree), appears on a new downloadable charity single from RedBox's guitarist Paul Bond.

Paul's son, Josh, has been fighting against the serious cancer illness Burkitt's Lymphoma and has been treated at Great Ormond Street children's hospital for nearly a year.

Paul is better at describing what he is trying to achieve and so here is a message from Paul.

"This is it people! ... Please share the living daylights out of this!!!!

My song 'Blue' is available for download. Suggested donation of only £2.00 and ALL profits go to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital who saved the life of our boy Josh.

This year, he contracted Burkitt's Lymphoma which is an ultra-aggressive form of cancer and it has taken a NINE MONTHS stay at Great Ormond Street to get him through it.

This song is a love song from a father to a son and is dedicated not only to Josh, but also to ALL of the lovely children who we met during our stay at this incredible hospital, many of whom will be enjoying Christmas at home and sadly some who didn't manage to conquer their battle. Roseanne, Danny and Malachi - we won't forget you xxxx

I have specified that the money goes to the Oncology wards. We see nurses scrabbling around for machines because they have to share them between so many rooms, so we know that there can be improvements made and I just want to give SOMETHING back for saving the life of my little boy Josh (".

Paul Bond

If you would like to download the single then the details are available

from It is a great song, and the cause is even greater. So if you like a bit of a classic rock then look no further, safe in the knowledge that you'll be helping children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

13th December

Ravens and Lullabies album press release...

Guitar Legend and the next generation of keyboard wizardry join forces for a new record!

March 2013 will see guitar legend Gordon Giltrap and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman (following his years of touring with the classic progressive rock band YES) release their debut collaborative album 'Ravens & Lullabies' on the Esoteric Antenna label.

The album is a 13 song collection of hard hitting memorable rock pieces coupled with thought provoking lyrics alongside acoustic duets featuring their fine instrumental interplay.

The project was initiated with a phone call from Gordon to Oliver in early 2012 requesting Oliver's keyboard services for a new rock album. Within 24 hours Gordon had phoned again suggesting a full collaboration instead and the 'Ravens & Lullabies' concept was born.

Gordon and Oliver spent 2012 writing and recording the album which features a return for Gordon to his rock roots following a 30 year absence and Oliver's first recorded works since his departure from both Yes and Strawbs.

It has been recorded and mixed by 'Threshold' guitarist Karl Groom (who also mixed the Yes 'Live In Lyon' record which featured Oliver on keyboards).

The album will be available in two formats, a single CD featuring 13 new pieces and double pack special edition featuring a Bonus CD of live recordings taken from their 2012 tour and re-recordings of pieces from Oliver and Gordon's past catalogue.

The new album features performances by the following well respected musicians.

Paul Manzi - vocals
Paul has performed with the Oliver Wakeman Band for the last 6 years (appearing on the live DVD 'Coming to Town') and is the current vocalist for the rock band Arena.

Steve Amadeo - Bass Guitar
Steve, an in demand Jazz/Blues/Rock session bass player, is currently performing with Blues guitarist Aynsley Lister.

Johanne James - Drums
Johanne has been the Threshold drummer for the last 12 years.

The album also features a special vocal appearance by Benoit David, Oliver's old band mate from Yes, on the track 'From the Turn of a Card' written by Oliver during the Yes recording sessions of 2010.

Many of the pieces were debuted and refined during their acoustic duo tour in September and October 2012 where they performed sell out concerts across the UK. The tour will resume in March 2013 to coincide with the release of the new album.

One of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in the UK today, Gordon Giltrap has developed his own unique style, much copied, but never bettered. It is impossible not to be awestruck as he coaxes incredible melodies from his instruments; you almost suspect a second pair of hands. He is well known for his varied musical output and 'Heartsong' (a hit single from the album 'Perilous Journey' in 1977) is instantly recognized as the theme for the BBC TV's long running 'Holiday' programme.

Following ten solo albums in a variety of styles, Oliver Wakeman joined the legendary band 'YES' in 2008, touring with them up until mid-2011. A live CD and triple vinyl release, 'In The Present - Live from Lyon', was a fitting bookend to his period in the band. He also worked with the folk rock band 'The Strawbs' and appeared on their last studio album as well as their 40th Anniversary CD release. Appearing in venues across North and South America, Europe and the UK with YES, Strawbs and as a solo artist, he has become a well respected live performing musician to add to his other talents as composer, songwriter, lyricist and producer.

Gordon says "Working with Oliver is like a breath of fresh air. I knew of his reputation as a fine musician, and it made perfect sense for me to tap into his creative energy, not only to bring out certain elements of my musical gifts but to create something new and exciting, at the same time giving a nod in the direction of our respective Progressive Rock roots"

Oliver adds, "After working with YES, the chance of working with another legendary artist was an opportunity too good to miss. I am having a wonderfully productive time working with Gordon and feel we are creating something genuinely unique in our 'Ravens & Lullabies' project."

Many of Gordon's fans have been asking for years when he is going to return to his rock roots and others wondered what Oliver would write after the Yes experiences...

In March 2013 they'll know...

29th November

Ravens and Lullabies tour report...

Read Oliver's tour story from the recent Ravens & Lullabies tour around the UK.


29th November

Oliver & Gordon backstage movie...

As part of the Trowbridge Arts festival a short film was made of the Wakeman & Giltrap show. It can be viewed on Oliver's YouTube channel.

29th October

Few more reviews from the Ravens and Lullabies tour...

A couple more reviews have been added to the Ravens & Lullabies tour reviews page.

23rd October

More reviews from the Ravens and Lullabies tour...

More reviews added to the Ravens & Lullabies tour reviews page.

1st October

Ravens and Lullabies tour reviews added...

There is now a section on the site with reviews from the Ravens & Lullabies tour.

It can be reached by clicking the link here or under the reviews menu tab above

26th September

First night of the Ravens tour excerpt on new YouTube channel...

There is now an official Oliver Wakeman YouTube channel!

It features an excerpt from the first night of the 'Ravens & Lullabies' tour as well as solo, Oliver's band, Yes and Strawbs video performances. We hope you like the new channel.

14th September

New interview with Oliver...

Earlier in the year Oliver was interviewed by Martin hudson from the Classic Rock Society.

The interview has been reprinted in the interviews section as is full of interesting insights into working with Yes and Gordon Giltrap

11th September

Help promote the 'Raven's & Lullabies' tour...

If you are coming to any of the shows and would like to help promote them, there is a new section on the website with media information which includes an A4 poster, an A5 flyer along with a press photo and the tour press release.

If you would like to download, print and display the poster somewhere (legally!) to help advertise the tour please feel free.

The more people we can make aware of the concerts the better. The posters can be found under the Information tab and on a new section called 'Press Media'.

6th September

August/September news update...

Dear all

Time for the latest update about everything happening in my musical world. This world does seem to involve an awful lot of sleepless nights, endless feeds, temper tantrums and nappy changing. I put the nappy part in just in case you thought it was me I was talking about...

With the arrival of Lottie Alys on the 7th July everything music related went on hold for a few weeks as we re-adjusted to the new order of importance in the Wakeman household (everyone's above me basically, even the spider in the downstairs bathroom...). So in between the above I have been preparing for the tour with Gordon Giltrap which starts later this month, the 22nd September at Huntingdon Hall in Worcester to be exact.

We decided to each prepare a list of pieces from our own histories which we felt would translate well to an acoustic duo format. We then listened to each others selections and then had the difficult job of slimming the set down because more often than not we would say "but we must do that one!".

Finally we had put together a rough set of songs of which to practice. A few weeks later in mid-August, Gordon and I met up at a lovely church mid-distance between our two homes to begin rehearsals. We have now had quite a few rehearsal sessions and still have a few more left before we perform at the first show.

Even though everything isn't totally performance ready yet, we definitely feel that it is all starting to sound really nice and I think people will be quite surprised by some of the songs in the list. I really think it will be an enjoyable concert for people to watch, so we look forward to seeing you!

One thing did occur to me throughout rehearsals and that was that it's difficult to work out whether it's easier to rehearse for a show just involving 2 people or when it involves a full band.

With a full band you have the advantage that at certain sections you get a bit of a breather with parts that are less complicated but you are having to listen and interact with more musicians whereas with a duo there is only one person to interact with but you are much more exposed as a musician which brings its own pressures. I think we'll call it a draw...

Either way, it's live performing which I love doing and I am really looking forward to the tour. It's been a while since I was last out on the road, only a couple of private shows and the one performance with Dad to my name since I stopped performing with YES last year (although I have spent many happy hours in the studio which I wasn't able to do whilst touring).

The dates for the tour are as follows, please note that 3 extra dates have been added and the tour now finishes on the 28th October in Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire.

22nd Sept
Huntingdon Hall, Worcester - 01905 611 427

27th Sept
The Playhouse, Western Super Mare - 01934 645544

29th Sept
Trowbridge Arts Festival - 01722 321744

2nd Oct
Band on The Wall, Manchester - 0161 834 1786 or 08452 500500

3rd Oct
Hunter Hall School, Penrith, Cumbria - SOLD OUT

4th Oct
Hunter Hall School, Penrith, Cumbria
Onlie tickets: We Got Tickets
Lakeland Music, 15 Devonshire Street, Penrith. Tel: 01768 864024 or
Peter Sorton and Associates, Unit N, Skirsgill Business Park, Penrith. Tel: 01768 865577

12th Oct
Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham - 01476 406158

13th Oct
The Wesley Centre, Maltby - 01327 310088

17th Oct
Farnham Maltings, Farnham - 01252 745444

18th Oct
The Brook Theatre, Chatham - 01634 338338

19th Oct
Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham - 01329 223100

26th Oct
The Junction, Goole - 01405 763 652

28th Oct
St Michael's Church, Bishops Itchington, Southam
01926 613466

The album, "Raven's & Lullabies", is now nearing completion from the writing and arrangements point of view. We are in discussions over the release of the album and are hopeful that details of when it's coming out will be known in the near future. More news when we get it.

With all this work on the album with Gordon and the tour and my new daughter, unfortunately it means that the Cultural Vandals album has taken a back seat again but I am sure I will get round to finishing it soon, I just don't want to put out two albums at the same time and I always like to make sure that each project gets the attention it deserves.

Anyway, as the 1st show is closing up I'd better carry on rehearsing.

If you are coming to any of the shows and would like to help promote it, there is a new section on the website with media information which includes an A4 poster, an A5 flyer along with a press photo and the tour press release. If you want to download it and print it to help advertise the shows please feel free as the more people we can make aware of the shows the better. It can be found under the Information tab and on a new section called 'Press Media'.

I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces at the shows and also seeing some new ones.

All the best.

September 2012

5th September

3 more shows added to the tour...

Three new concerts have now been added to the Raven's & Lullabies tour on the 2nd, 3rd and 28th October.

Please see the upcoming concerts section below for more details.

31st July

King Friday full album released...

Last year we announced that the EP 'Let the Song Begin' by King Friday had been released via iTunes.

The full album is now available and Oliver is featured on one further track called 'Still the World' performing the synth solos. The other songs that feature Oliver are 'Let the Song Begin' (Piano, keyboards and synth solo) and 'Down to You' (Mellotron and synths).

You can purchase the album direct from iTunes

18th July

Oliver's memories of Jon Lord...

Jon Lord R.I.P

I felt that I should write a few lines abut the sad news of Jon Lords passing on Monday.

With the birth of my new daughter I haven't been paying much attention to much else, but in the middle of the night last night, whilst my wife and I were feeding Lottie, I checked the news on my phone and read about Jon's passing.

I am unable to write an account of how great it was to meet him as I never had that pleasure. My memories of Jon Lord come purely from that as a huge fan.

I first discovered Deep Purple one day after buying a cassette in Woolworths in Bideford, Devon. I picked up 'The best of Deep Purple', the cover showing a purple monolith in a purple sea.

I turned to my mum and said "Are they a bit like Pink Floyd" (who, at the age of 15, I'd recently just discovered). "Yes" she answered in that parental way of hurrying a child out of a shop without really listening to the question...

I got into the car, put the tape in my Walkman and pressed play. Speed King opened with Jon's classic organ chords and I was instantly hooked.

The journey from Devon to Farnham Common passed in a blur, passing through "Woman from Tokyo", "Child in Time", "Black Night", "Hush", "Mandrake Root", "Smoke on the Water" and countless other classics. I became hooked by the band and in particular by Jon Lord's organ playing.

I then started buying every record of theirs I could find. Then one day I bought "Who Do We Think We Are" and thought it was utterly fantastic. I still rate it as one of my all time favourite records - the keyboard work on the album is particularly breathtaking.

I was fortunate enough to see Jon Lord play at the Plymouth Pavilions on the "Purpendicular" tour and watching him was every bit as exciting as I always imagined it would be.

To this day I count him as one of my huge influences in becoming a keyboard player. Obviously having a fantastic keyboard player as a father was a great inspiration, but something about the way Jon Lord created musical excitement with his use of the Hammond Organ really stirred something in me.

I always say my father gave me the inspiration to play piano and keyboards but Jon Lord gave me the need to play the Hammond Organ.

So from a fellow musician and keyboard player, but most of all as a fan, thanks for the music Jon, I'm going to make sure my kids get to hear you when we're next in the car.

Oliver Wakeman
July 2012

13th July

July news update...

Dear all

Friday 6th July...

I'm now sat here in my studio listening to some music waiting for the birth of my new baby daughter who was due on Monday the 2nd but still has yet to make an appearance. It seems that she has decided that because the weather is so appalling at the moment she's going to wait a bit longer until it improves...

In the meantime, June's certainly been a busy month.

All the writing for the album I'm creating with Gordon Giltrap has been completed and we're nearing the end of the demo mixes. We've had some great meetings about the release of the album and also due to demand we've added some extra shows to the short tour in the Autumn. A great start to this project which certainly seems to have caught peoples interest.

The album is going to be called 'Ravens & Lullabies' and will be a mix of full on rock/prog vocal tracks and a selection of acoustic duo pieces. this will allow us to perform some of the album on the upcoming tour. There is also talk of a Vinyl release which would be great.

More details about who will be appearing on the album to follow but in the meantime you should see that the home page of the website is currently listing the confirmed tour dates. I really look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces at the shows!

Talking of the home page, you will hopefully have noticed that the website has been re-designed again. I felt that the last look, although suitably moody, seemed to link in with the Yes heritage and as I haven't been a part of the band for a year now (really, doesn't time fly!) I felt that the website needed to reflect that.

I hope you'll agree that it's easy to use and that it works ok for you! I have been checking it on different operating systems, iPads, iPhones etc and it seems to hang together pretty well....

....although early versions of certain browsers may experience problems due to the coding. If you struggle may I suggest either Chrome or Firefox (I haven't mentioned Safari to avoid Apple/Microsoft favouritism, although by mentioning Chrome maybe that creates a Microsoft/Google problem....)

I will soon be updating all the sound samples and adding more new things to the site over the coming months so do keep coming back to visit!


I recently did an interview with Roman Guzman over in America and it can now be downloaded directly as a podcast from iTunes by using the following link

It was a great chat and the reason for the delay in the interview becoming available was that Roman was waiting for the birth of his new daughter!


Some of you may have been aware that I did a concert with my Dad last month at 'The Old Granary' in Beccles, Norfolk. It was quite an unusual event, 2 Steinway grand pianos, Tony Fernandez on a scaled down drum kit, Dave Colquhoun on acoustic guitars and Ashley Holt singing. The concert came about due to the cancellation of the Crystal Palace show in which Dad's band were due to perform and as everyone was available Dad decided to put together an 'unplugged' show. It really was a bit of a 'seat of the pants' show as we all met up on the morning of the show with various chord charts and a vague setlist. Within an hour, 2 songs had been dropped and two other ones (which we didn't know!) had been put into the set.

We rehearsed for the day which was fun and we finished about 6.30pm just in time for the doors to open. Contrary to popular belief, Dad and I have only ever played together on 3 occasions. He joined me on stage for one song at my 'Mother's Ruin' launch party and I played carols with him at two of his Christmas parties. (We never played together at home and he never showed me the Yes keyboard parts either!). Therefore it was a very special moment when I walked on stage to join him and the rest of the band.

As you will have noticed from the start of this blog, I am currently awaiting the arrival of my new baby daughter. I did wind Dad up a bit at the beginning of the show, he often winds people up (in a good fun way) and it lent itself to a bit of a role reversal!

He introduced me and as I walked up to the stage I said to him "I've just had a text, the baby is on it's way. I've got to go...". His face was a picture of shock and disbelief, "Really...?" was his reply. "Nope, not really..." The look of relief on his face that the whole set wasn't going to have to be altered at the last minute was quite evident!

The show went in a blur. It always seems to happen when everything has been learnt at short notice, you're concentrating so much on reading notes, watching the others and trying to come up with parts to play that it leaves very little room for the mind to focus on the time going by.

The set list on the night was as follows

The Jig
Dave solo
The Hymn/Julia
My solo - LJW 
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sea Horses
Make Me A Woman
Dad solo - Dance Of A Thousand Lights
Georgia On My Mind
Norwegian Wood/Help

Sweet Georgia Brown

It all seemed to go really well and the audience really enjoyed it. We played two encores, although the 2nd one was more Tony's fault as he wanted to play Sweet Georgia Brown again and just started it when we were about to leave the stage!

The whole show was supposed to be broadcast live via Dad's online TV channel but, due to the terrible weather conditions (thunder and lightening) the company were unable to link to the satellite. So apologies to all those who were looking forward to watching from their sofas but there was nothing that could be done unfortunately.

I drove halfway home to the outskirts of London so that I could be closer to home in case of an emergency phone call and then headed back early in the morning just in case a baby planned on arriving. I opened the front door half expecting to hear a little bit of baby crying...but all was quiet!


UPDATE - Wednesday July 10th

I realise that this is now turning into a bit of a diary rather than a blog but I hadn't finished writing it (which I started last week) by the time we had to go hospital on Friday morning...

...and then 16 hours later I was a father for the second time as my wife Lisa gave birth to our second child, a daughter called Lottie Alys Wakeman, at 1.56am on Saturday morning!

Mother and daughter are now back home and doing really well and my son Arthur is now a very proud and helpful big brother!

I must just thank everyone who has sent emails and messages via the website, Twitter, MySpace, Forums and Facebook. It's very kind of everyone to take a moment to celebrate our new born child!

Anyway, better finish up as I'm require to change a nappy (or diaper for our US friends)!


July 2012

6th July

Oliver Wakeman & Gordon Giltrap Tour press release...

Guitar Legend and the next generation of keyboard wizardry join forces!

September and October 2012 will see guitar legend Gordon Giltrap and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman (fresh from 4 years of touring with the classic progressive rock band YES) performing together for the first UK leg of their 'Ravens & Lullabies' tour.

In early 2012, Gordon contacted Oliver with a request for his keyboards services for an album idea he had. Within 24 hours the initial idea had changed beyond recognition and a full blown collaborative project was in the works. Oliver and Gordon have embarked upon this new chapter in their careers and are currently finishing their debut album 'Ravens & Lullabies'.

Featuring a variety of guitars and keyboards, which are their tools in trade, these shows will be the first public performances of a selection of pieces from the new album as well as new arrangements of classic material from both of their retrospective careers.

One of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in the UK today, Gordon Giltrap has developed his own unique style, much copied, but never bettered. It is impossible not to be awestruck as he coaxes incredible melodies from his instruments; you almost suspect a second pair of hands. He is well known for his varied musical output and 'Heartsong' (a hit single from the album 'Perilous Journey' in 1977) is instantly recognized as the theme for the BBC TV's long running 'Holiday' programme.

Following ten solo albums in a variety of styles, Oliver Wakeman joined the legendary band 'YES' in 2008, touring with them up until mid-2011. A live CD and triple vinyl release, 'In The Present - Live from Lyon', was a fitting bookend to his period in the band. He also worked with the folk rock band 'The Strawbs' and appeared on their last studio album as well as their 40th Anniversary CD release. Appearing in venues across North and South America, Europe and the UK with YES, Strawbs and as a solo artist, he has become a well respected live performing musician to add to his other talents as composer, songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer.

Gordon says "Working with Oliver is like a breath of fresh air. I knew of his reputation as a fine musician, and it made perfect sense for me to tap into his creative energy, not only to bring out certain elements of my musical gifts but to create something new and exciting, at the same time giving a nod in the direction of our respective Progressive Rock roots"

Oliver adds, "After working with YES, the chance of working with another legendary artist was an opportunity too good to miss. I am having a wonderfully productive time working with Gordon and feel we are creating something genuinely unique in our 'Raven's & Lullabies' project."

The tour starts on the 22nd of September 2012 at Huntingdon Hall in Worcester and continues through into late October.

So, with their collective histories and talents to draw inspiration from, be prepared for an evening of beautiful compositions, wit and charm from these two virtuosos.

7th June

Oliver and Rick Wakeman to perform one off concert...

Rick & the Acoustic Rock Style Ensemble.

Thursday 21st June 7.30pm

Rick Wakeman with his Acoustic Rock Style Ensemble

Rick Wakeman - piano

special guest

Oliver Wakeman - piano


Dave Colquhoun - acoustic guitars

Ashley Holt - vocals

Tony Fernandez - percussion

This concert is a new addition due to the unforeseen cancellation at Crystal Palace on June 23rd.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to include in the concert series, as the artists rarely perform together, and just happen to be in Norfolk... This will be one of two appearances by Rick who maintains his solo concert at the end of the season

This will be a very unique evening in many respects. Rick has never ever done an unplugged before with a band and also this will be the first time that his son Oliver and he will have performed an entire concert together.

The music will include many surprises and will bear no resemblance whatsoever to the rock show that he does with The English Rock Ensemble. It is also unlikely ever to be repeated so certainly one not to miss. As well as the music from Rick and the band, there will be solo spots from both Oliver and Dave Colquhoun.

Another first will be a questions and answers where questions can be asked not only to Rick but to any of the guys on stage. (Rick is extremely nervous about letting them anywhere near a microphone, but nevertheless has succumbed) !!!

Ashley Holt was one of the original members and album performers from 1974

It's going to be a very special occasion and will also be broadcast on Rick's online TV station!


Further information is available at

Separate booking form available from this link

1st May

May Newlist Update...

As always seems to happen, when the website shows no activity that usually means that there is plenty going on in the background!

These last two months have been quite exciting and frustrating in equal measures but that's part of the creative process I guess!

Plans are moving forward for the release of Cultural Vandals and possibly some of my back catalogue too which could be very interesting. It would be great to get some of my albums which have been out of print for a while available again. But we will have a better idea over the next few months as to how and when these releases are going to take place.

Gordon Giltrap and I have been working really hard on our new project and a press release about the tour is due at the end of May with tour details for the first leg.

There are to be two legs, the first in late 2012 and the second in 2013 where we will hope to play some European dates too. Nothing is planned for the US at the moment unfortunately, but if the album is well received we would certainly like to play in other countries other than the UK.

The tour will be Gordon and myself performing as a duo but we may well put together a full band show if the album is well received and there is sufficient interest.

The album itself is taking shape really nicely, and there is a great balance of songs and instrumentals. It has been really nice to work with a artist who gives me a lot a freedom and free reign to experiment with his ideas and some of the results have really surprised me. We have come up with some really interesting and accessible music which should please people hopefully.

All the music has now been written and we are now at the arrangement stage where we sit and listen to everything in its demo format and decide if there are sections which don't work as well as they should, whether a vocal line needs changing, whether a development of an idea should take place etc. We are also hoping that the line up of the musicians on the album will be decided upon over the next month or two and then we can start looking into the recording portion of the project.

It is a very rewarding point to have arrived at as this album has really taken over our lives for the last few months. I've really enjoyed working with Gordon, he's very easy going, very focused and, like myself, determined to make this an album that stands out as a special moment in our respective careers. I really can't wait for people to hear it but I know I've a lot of work ahead of me to get there, but it's work I love doing and I believe it will be worth the wait.

The proposed release for the album is towards the end of this year or early next year, but it all depends on which company takes the project and where it fits into their release schedule.

I 'tweet' regularly about the process (as you may have seen from the Twitter feed on the home page) and I am grateful for all the responses and suggestions I receive (even if I don't get time to reply to them all for which I apologise!). If you want to follow me directly then please do so with the following link @OliverWakeman.

The website has been updated with some photos from the CRS awards night (for which I was the guest presenter) and I will also be posting some pictures of Gordon and I when he is next here for a recording session. I have also just received a copy of the magazine Rock Society which features an in-depth interview with me about my work with Yes, Strawbs and the forthcoming albums and projects.

I have also recorded a radio interview with Roman from which will be broadcast soon. We'll let you know when it is due to air but my section on the show will be about an hour in length including music from the various albums I've been involved with.

So in between meetings, interviews, awards ceremonies, the occasional session and writing the album with Gordon...I've also been spending a lot of time buying baby stuff for our new daughter who is due in early July, although my wife is insistent that she will be earlier than that!

Told you I've been busy!

All the best, Oliver.

5th March

March Newslist Update

As another month has passed by I thought I'd write a short update on what is going on in my music world at the moment!

Although from the outside all seems relatively quiet, behind the scenes there has been a lot of activity and hopefully it will all come to fruition soon and we'll have exciting news on the way!

Oliver & Gordon

It has been quite a hectic month with more writing going on for the new album - although we had to stop for a week or two as Gordon had quite a few concerts and I moved house! (I'm currently writing this with a huge pile of audio and midi leads on the floor which I know all need to be re-plugged in for the studio to be operational!)

However, this week, work will resume as there has been a real momentum building with this project. Gordon and I have been talking about the other musicians we would like to have involved in the project and have some interesting ideas at the moment bubbling away. We have found an artist whose work seems to fit the project beautifully and we have also have a theme and title for the album as well as plenty of music!

There are currently lots of shows being discussed and dates are starting to be booked so keep checking back for more info.

Social media

As some of you may know, I recently joined Twitter and have started to tweet regularly on all thing musical. It is a really enjoyable way of keeping followers in the know much quicker than the monthly updates and so if you would like to follow my 'tweets' simply follow me @OliverWakeman. These feeds also go directly to the website, the Facebook page and the MySpace site so you can still see what's happening.

Awards night

Many of you may be aware of the Classic Rock Society and all the great work it has done helping and promoting various bands over the years.

It was, up until recently, being run by my good friend Martin Hudson who in recent years passed over the reins to Miles and Steve. I was lucky enough to win the award for best keyboard player on three separate occasions but this year was slightly different as I was invited to be the special guest and hand out the awards!

I traveled up on Saturday afternoon and met up with Martin which gave us enough time to catch up and carry out an interview which will be in the next magazine hopefully. It was a really enjoyable interview as it was the first of the year and covered a multitude of subjects from Yes and Strawbs through to the new projects.

We then had a great meal prepared by Martins lovely wife Sharon and we then had a quick bit of time to get changed for the evening. Martin and I then headed off to drive to the venue (playing him some of the demos for the Cultural Vandals album on the way - which he really liked!).

I arrived at the venue and it was great to meet up with so many people I haven't seen for such a long time. Amongst the guest on the evening were Paul Manzi (from my band), Steve Hackett (solo and ex-Genesis), Bryon Josh and Olivia Sparnenn (Mostly Autumn), Rob Reed and Christina Booth (Magenta), Nick Barrett (Pandragon), Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon), Mick Pointer (ex-Marillion, Arena), John Mitchell (It Bites, Arena), John Jowitt (IQ, Arena) as well as many others.

The awards ceremony started with a brief chat and a couple of stories from myself and then we moved onto handing out the awards which went pretty smoothly! One moment which was particularly amusing was when Steve Hackett won best guitarist, this was because Steve had given me one of my awards in 2008! We will hopefully have some photos of the evening appearing on the website soon.

I then managed to spend a bit of time chatting to various fans and friends before heading to the pub with Martin for a quick strong coffee before I started the long journey back home. I had a great night and apparently Gordon and I have been booked to play for the CRS in October!


BlueDot music have made my track 'Sahasrara' (from the Chakras album) the featured video this month on the Blue Dot YouTube channel.

Anyway, that's all for the moment, more news when we have it! All the best, Oliver

1st February

Website overhaul and Twitter

Many of you may have noticed the major change to the website over the last day or so. There are a few more tweaks to come but the new look seemed like a good idea for the new year!

Besides the obvious graphical changes, you may have noticed the twitter feed that is now present on the front page. To quote Oliver - "Last year I received emails from quite a few people asking when I was going to start 'Tweeting'. I decided that, as I wasn't touring and just writing by myself, I didn't want to join up and then start tweeting about nothing in particular and so I decided to wait.

However, the new album with Gordon Giltrap made me rethink my decision as I thought it might be nice to start tweeting at the beginning of a project. This would give me the opportunity to explain some of the insight into recording a new album from scratch in short, interesting (hopefully!) bursts via Twitter. Hopefully those who kept asking me to 'Tweet' will now join me on Twitter so I don't end up tweeting to no-one!"

If you would like to follow Oliver on Twitter, you can do so by clicking on Oliver's name at the top of the Twitter feed on the front page, clicking the Twitter button in the footer of the site, by visiting Oliver's Twitter page.

28th January

Oliver Wakeman and Gordon Giltrap

We are proud to announce that Oliver and the world renown guitarist Gordon Giltrap have started work on a new collaboration. The album is in its very early stages but things are already progressing very quickly and there is a lot of enthusiasm (and music) flying around at the moment.

Gordon and Oliver first met during one of his Dad's Christmas concerts where they both performed back in 2009. Gordon recently contacted Oliver with the offer of performing on his next solo album but this soon changed into a full scale collaboration. The final tone of the album hasn't been decided upon yet as both are keen to let the music lead the way but it will certainly be a welcome addition to both their catalogues!

The following is taken from Gordon's website - "On the creative front I am currently collaborating with that outstanding keyboard player Mr Oliver Wakeman. He and I are working together on my first 'rock' album since the late 70's.This project will see a return to my 'Prog Rock' roots, and the prospect of working with a man considered by many to be one of the best in the business truly excites me!"

The guys are also planning to perform live together and so there is a lot to look forward to - watch this space!

20th January

Oliver's track 'Sahasrara' available on YouTube

There is now a dedicated playlist of a selection of Oliver's music on the BlueDotMusic YouTube channel. The latest addition is the track 'Sahasrara' which appeared on the album 'Chakras'.

This piece and the full album are now available on iTunes.

19th January

Oliver announced as Guest presenter at Classic Rock Society Awards night

Some of you may be familiar with the Classic Rock Society in the UK. It has been running for many years now tirelessly supporting musicians and putting on concerts as well as releasing a bi-monthly magazine.

Each year there is an awards ceremony and awards are handed out to the musicians voted for by the readership. Oliver was fortunate enough to win the best Keyboard Player award on three separate occasions!

This year, however, Oliver has been asked to be the guest presenter at the awards and hand out the awards to the lucky winners. It should be a great evening and Oliver is looking forward to meeting up with lots of old friends!

More information about the Classic Rock Society can be found on their website which is

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