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Purification By Sound album sleeve

"Purification By Sound" CD
Oliver Wakeman


'Record Collector' Review


Oliver Wakeman - Purification of Sound

A dozen instrumental pieces of relaxing keyboard ambience from Rick's son, very much in the vein of his dad's 90s chill-out albums, with hints of Vangelis and Jean-michel Jarre to boot.

Waves of warm melodies course through the likes of Tangerine Dream-scape of 'Take the Waters' and 'Longing', and energy levels are cranked up on other pieces, such as the airy caprice of 'A gift of flowers'. Elsewhere, angelic synth choruses abound on the acoustic-shaped 'Night Shadows' and the baroque-tinged 'Embraced by Light', creating a tender and warming atmosphere.

Diversifying the tone somewhat are the accordion-like shuffle of 'A December Sky' and the piano-led harping of 'Nature's Way', illustrating the depth and bredth of the Wakeman sonic palate. All very relaxing, and perfect for crtstal communing or reiki parties. Lovely!

Tim Jones

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Record Collector

'Rock Society Magazine' Review


Oliver Wakeman - Purification of Sound - President Records

Stress can play a big part on everyone's health today in a world that seems to go by at a hundred miles an hour and so I am glad to say that music can play a part in easing the pressures of life. This new instrumental work by Oliver Wakeman is one that could be deemed as being like healing fingers since you can almost feel the soothing effect it has as you sit, relax and listen. It's an album that has had many hours of play recently as I have sat at the CRS desk.

As the title suggests it could even be purifying the mind as the highly talented keyboard player takes you through tunes with beautiful titles, A December Sky, Where Angels Walk, Nature's Way, Embraced By Light and the absorbing 'Night Shadows', a track that has had often repeats on my sound system and would sound tremendous played live as a duo by Oliver and someone like Gordon Giltrap.

This is not a rock anthem album but an album with a clearer purpose and one that can help massage the problems of the day away. 

Martin Hudson

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'Rock Society Magazine' Review
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