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18 In the Bleak Mid Winter

Painted to the lyrics of the much-loved carol In the Bleak Midwinter, Matthews' vision is of a windswept snowscape, braved only by a couple of hardy Highland cows, while the residents of the medieval village are indoors making merry. The image inspired a new arrangement of the Gustav Holst classic, with a whole new section written and arranged into it by Wakeman.

In the Bleak Mid Winter

Rodney Matthews & Oliver Wakeman

17. From A Page

Recorded with the line up of Chris, Steve, Alan, Benoit and Oliver. The band changed direction once Trevor Horn was involved and the project become Fly From Here of which Oliver featured. However, there were various tracks that were never finished. Oliver & Yes have worked finish them and release them alongside a re-issue of Live From Lyon.

From A Page


16. Trinity

An album of mostly instrumental music based on Rodney's images. Oliver features on 9 of the 10 tracks and is responsible for a lot of the arrangements and a few compositions. Available to pre-order now!


Rodney Matthews & Jeff Scheetz with Oliver Wakeman

Latest Session Releases

Wildest Dreams - Light Freedom Revival

A 'Yesified' version of the Taylor Swift song. Also appearing on the record is Billy Sherwood and Steve Howe's son Dylan Howe.

Wildest Dreams

Light Freedom Revival

Fly From Here Return Trip - Yes - 2018

Oliver is on 3 tracks, Fly From Here, Fly From Here reprise & Hour of Need. Oliver also co-wrote 'Into the Storm'. This is a re-release of the original album with Trevor Horn's vocals rather than Benoit David's.

Fly From Here Return Trip


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