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Dark Fables

Nolan & Wakeman

21. Dark Fables

The third album from Nolan and Wakeman. Originally the third disc from the Tales By Gaslight box set. Now released as a stand alone CD. Features rarities and tracks from the never finished third concept 'Frankenstein' which was never finished.

Tales By Gaslight

Oliver Wakeman & Clive Nolan

20. Tales By Gaslight

Oliver Wakeman reunites with Clive Nolan after 20 years to issue a 3CD Box Set - Tales By Gaslight featuring remastered versions of their ‘future prog classics’ Jabberwocky and The Hound Of The Baskervilles along with a new disc Dark Fables.

Yendor Audio Book

Rodney & Sarah Matthews and Oliver Wakeman

19. Yendor

Audio book with Soundtrack based on the illustrated Novel 'Yendor' by Rodney Matthews

In the Bleak Mid Winter

Rodney Matthews & Oliver Wakeman

18. In the Bleak Mid Winter

Painted to the lyrics of the much-loved carol In the Bleak Midwinter, Matthews' vision is of a windswept snowscape, braved only by a couple of hardy Highland cows, while the residents of the medieval village are indoors making merry. The image inspired a new arrangement of the Gustav Holst classic, with a whole new section written and arranged into it by Wakeman.

Latest Session Releases

Some People


Some People

Oliver features on new Inventioning single with Jon Anderson, JeaniLuc Ponty and Michael Lewis.


Carrie Martin

'Entity' - Carrie Martin

Carrie Martin's third album. Oliver appears on Those Days

Rodney Matthews & Jeff Scheetz

'I Saw Three Ships' - Rodney Matthews & Jeff Scheetz

Christmas single re-release for 2021 in new sleeve.